Episode 207: God Gave Rock and Roll To You II

Yo, POTheads! Episode 207 is now ALIVE! Andy, Chris and Nick analyze “God Gave Rock ’N’ Roll to You II“ from the 1992 KISS album Revenge! The band’s covers haven’t always gotten high marks over the course of the podcast, but will Eric Carr (Official)’s contribution catapult this one to SKKK status? Listen and find out!

Episode 206: Fred Bear

Yo, POTheads! Episode 206 is now ALIVE! The Random Song Generator spits out a wild card this week as Andy, Chris and Nick analyze “Fred Bear” by Ted Nugent! If you think the worst songs make the best episodes, you’ll love this one! Also, the fourth KISS lip balm commercial makes its debut! Check it:…

Episode 205: Rock Bottom

Yo, POTheads! Episode 205 is now ALIVE! Andy, Chris and Nick analyze “Rock Bottom” from the 1975 KISS album Dressed to Kill! It’s been over a year since the Random Song Generator spit out a tune from DTK. Is this one a guaranteed SKKK? Listen and find out, because you never know with these weird beards!

Episode 202: Naked City

Yo, POTheads! Episode 202 is now ALIVE! Andy, Chris and Nick analyze “Naked City” from the 1980 KISS album Unmasked! Similar to “Charisma,” the fellas have been waiting for this Gene Simmons joint to finally emerge from the Random Song Generator. How will the voting go? Listen and find out! Check it: http://ow.ly/qSUY7 CHECK OUT…